November 15, 2022 Comments Off

Beautiful indoor golf course with wide big screens for both righties and lefties in all 7 bays! Impressive auto tee-up system and AI analysis program! The simulator has driving range and many courses

October 21, 2022 Comments Off

The program interface is very intuitive. All data I need are right there, after every single shot. Entry link was amazing, I can entry on my own without any line up or asking

April 21, 2021 Comments Off

Awesome experience! Very easy and friendly booking platform. A great place to improve your swing. And it's so fun to play in different course. The feeling was almost as same as playing on

April 21, 2021 Comments Off

The facility looks nice and well organized. One thing I love most in this hitting bay is the auto tee-up. I can adjust my position and body movement right after each shot, without