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SMART PRACTICE: trace your shot, see all your ball flight data

Our driving ranges are designed for practice. You can focus on training and improving your skills, with the latest advanced technology of golf simulator. Your swing is analyzed by AI coaching; your head club's moment of impact is recorded by high speed camera; your shot is traced and your ball flight data are displayed in full screen.

ENHANCE YOUR TRAINING in 4 field modes

With our new advanced simulation sensor, you can practice using different types of golf club whenever you want to improve your in-game-performance. You can test your driving, approaching, run-approaching and/or putting skill in realistic field modes, playing in 100 world famous courses. 

Enjoy your golf experience indoor, no matter what kind of weather it is outside!

Golf clubs
Practice your golf year round, 365 days a year! INDOOR!
All seasons, all weather conditions
Effectively use your time. No need to pickup the ball. It's automatically ready for you
Automatic Tee-up
Very affordable price, as low as outdoor driving range.
*Rate vary by SGreenBay
Unlimited balls. 18$/hr*
Accurate stereo high speed camera sensor and golf simulator provide all data that significantly improve your technique .
See club path and true ball fight


1377 The Queensway, Etobicoke

Bay rates

3 available bay types: STANDARD; PREMIUM & SUPERB

  • • Pricing is per HOUR, not per individual, taxes applied on Checkout.
  • • Bookable in 15 minute increments minimum, no maximum.
  • • Book up to 7 days in advance.
  • • Cancellations available up to 24 hours before your appointed time.


from $18 /hour*

* minus 10% for any booking of 4 hours or more

  • Unlimited balls
  • Auto tee up
  • Stereo vision high speed sensor
  • Wide big screen, full HD color
  • Seating & table


from $21 /hour*

* minus 10% for any booking of 4 hours or more

  • Unlimited balls
  • 2-channel Swing Camera System
  • Auto tee up,
  • AI Coaching
  • Stereo vision high speed sensor
  • Auto ball return
  • Strip line hitting mat
  • Wide big screen, full HD color
  • Seating & table

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Contact Us

Tel: (647) 805-2298

Hours of Operation

We are open 24/7.

The facility is fully automated. Customer support is only available from 9am - 10pm.

3 STEPS HOW TO Start Your Practice

Book online

• Visit our booking platform to view availability of our SGreenBays.
• Choose your date and tee-time.
• Fill in the booking details and payment information, following onscreen instruction.
• Receive 2 emails: the confirmation email as well as your Access Entry Key.

Enter the Facility

• Upon arrival to the facility, tap on your Digital Entry Access link to unlock the door (free Wi-Fi available on site).
• Once you are inside, wait in the hallway until start time to go to your booked SGreenBay.

Practice & Play

• The equipment in your SGreenBay will automatically turn on at your start time.
• Practice at driving range; on green or in training field;
• or play 18 holes at over 50 different courses.

First time Book?

Nothing easier!


Visit our booking page to view the calendar and select your date and tee-time from the availability of each sgreenbay. You can book last minute or up to 5 days in advance with minimum of 30 minutes.

Email is required. Follow the booking instruction, provide information neccesary for your booking like your name; number of players/guests; payment details... 

Upon successful booking, you will receive a confirmation email. Please review the details to make sure all information is correct. Please remember, cancellations are only permitted via email 24 hours prior to your start time.

Together with confirmation email, you will have another email with Entry Access Link, which you can use to open the door to enter the facility. Please contact us immediately if you don't receive it. Make sure you have that email on hand when you arrive. Internet connection is required. Free Wifi is avaiable on site. You will get Wifi credentials together with your Access Key.

Popular Questions ABout Booking a golf simulation

Click on BOOK NOW button, then you can make your booking with our booking platform.

Our golf indoor center is open 24 hours a day. The booking schedule is available 7 days in advance. Last minute bookings are also allowed. 

You are required to complete payment at the time of your booking. We accept payment via Mastercard, Visa American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Once your booking has been placed, you will receive two emails: (1) a booking confirmation email and (2) an entry access key email. Sometimes the Access Entry email may be filtered into junk/spam by mistake of search engine, especially Yahoo Mail, please check all those folders. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, contact for assistance.

What our clients say about our driving range simulation

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Golf Lover
  • Highly recommended!

Beautiful indoor golf course with wide big screens for both righties and lefties in all 7 bays! Impressive auto tee-up system and AI analysis program! The simulator has driving range and many courses internationally for players to select and enjoy with their friends and family. Great pricing for such a new, big and amazing facility! If you’re a golf lover who likes to practice and play several times a week, check out the membership plans. Do the math and you’ll be surprised with how much you can save with these plans!

Jose C
Amateur golfer
  • Sooo Good!!

The program interface is very intuitive. All data I need are right there, after every single shot. Entry link was amazing, I can entry on my own without any line up or asking staff for open. You are rocker, Sgreengolf!

Donald James
Donald J
  • Execllent!!

Awesome experience! Very easy and friendly booking platform. A great place to improve your swing. And it's so fun to play in different course. The feeling was almost as same as playing on real field. Amazing!

  • Love auto tee-up!

The facility looks nice and well organized. One thing I love most in this hitting bay is the auto tee-up. I can adjust my position and body movement right after each shot, without moving away to pickup and put the ball on mat.


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