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5 Golf Tips to Prepare for the Golf Season in 2024

March 18, 2024 lily Comments Off

Now that the golf season is right around the corner, the age-old question arises of what to do next? If you don’t want to spend the season yelling, “Fore!” because of your bad shots, you must know how to get ready for the golf season. 

Here is a must-do’s golf tips checklist before golfers step onto the course this upcoming season!

Golf Tips for a Stellar Golf Season

Up Your Physical and Mental Game

Strength Training

A fitter golfer is a better golfer. Even though golf is a low-impact sport, having stronger muscles can lead to better swings and more control over distance and accuracy. We advise golfers to focus on key muscles for strength and stability – including the glutes, lower abdominals, and scapular stabilizers – as they support the rotator cuff muscles during movement.

Stretch & Mobility Exercise

Strength is vital, and so is flexibility. Besides muscle training, we suggest golfers focus on mobility exercises when preparing for the golf season. Certain areas of the body, like the hamstrings, hips, mid-back, and shoulders, need to be more mobile to extend the club when you swing.

Stretching increases your mobility and helps you turn more when you swing back and keep your body in the right posture. Getting more flexible improves how your swing works, helps prevent injuries, and keeps you standing straight and steady.  

Mental Training

Golf is as much a mental game as it is physical. One common recommendation to develop mental toughness is practicing visualization like seeing yourself making putts and sinking vital shots on the course. Fortifying your mind, staying focused on each shot, and maintaining a positive attitude will help you bounce back after a bad round. 

Set Clear Goals

One key golf tip before hitting the course is to set specific and achievable goals for the season. Whether you want to improve your handicap, shave a couple of strokes off your average, perfect your swing, be a better putter, or enjoy more time on the green – Having clear objectives will help golfers stay focused and motivated throughout the season.

Check the Rules 

Every four years, there are new rules and additional changes to your favorite sport. By brushing up on golf rules and etiquette pre-season, you will be sure to have a smooth and enjoyable experience on the course. 

For season 2024, R&A and the USGA announce three main updates about the World Handicap Index: 

– Integrating shorter courses

– More score-posting flexibility

– A modern approach to 9-hole scores

Evaluate and Upgrade Your Equipment 

Examine your golf clubs, balls, shoes, attires, and other equipment to ensure everything is still in good condition. 

Does any of the equipment show signs of damage and require replacement? Now is the perfect time to invest in upgrades that can enhance your performance on the course. If you’ve acquired new clubs, it’s important to get them fitted before the season begins. 

Another golf tip is to inspect your grips. Are your clubs worn, fraying, or torn? If so, it’s time to have them re-gripped. 

Practice and Analyze

Practice is essential in golf, but it’s only effective when you’re aware of your flaws. Before the season starts, invest time at an indoor golf simulator facility to gain precise insights and helpful feedback for improving your golf techniques. 

Some key areas to analyze and practice:


The grip has a significant impact on the direction, trajectory, and distance of your shots. Identifying and practicing grip can improve the stability and accuracy of your game. You can refine your grip technique by seeking feedback from coaches or using video analysis tools.


Poor alignment in golf can lead to misinterpreting the target and losing distance. Even a slight deviation in club face alignment at impact can make your shots go array.

Ensure proper alignment by checking that your feet, hips, shoulders, and clubface are square to the target line. Use alignment aids to practice correct alignment and develop muscle memory for consistency.


A proper posture is the key to consistency and power in your golf swing. You can see in a mirror whether you:

– Stand shoulder-width apart

– Keep knees flexed

– Maintain a straight, relaxed spine

– Tilt hips forward slightly

– Balance weight evenly

– Avoid hunching over or standing too upright

– Keep the chin up, eyes on the ball

– Square shoulders to the target

– Maintain posture during the swing

Too complicated? You can also gather feedback on your posture via analysis tools available in indoor virtual golf facilities.

Swing Mechanics 

Another vital aspect that needs to be examined is your swing mechanics. With the use of suitable equipment and technology (like slow-motion features and swing analysis apps), you can identify and correct swing flaws like over-swinging or improper weight transfer. When practicing, you should focus on your swing’s key elements – backswing, downswing, and follow-through. 

A golf tip for those who visit indoor golf simulator facilities - Getting feedback from Smart AI Coaching.
Getting feedback from Smart AI Coaching.

Ball Position

Ball position is another important element because it directly influences the trajectory, distance, and accuracy of your shots. 

One tip to help understand the ball position is to experiment with ball positions for various clubs. Pay attention to how ball position affects contact and flight, making adjustments to enhance shot performance. Placing the ball correctly in your stance ensures optimal contact with the clubface and allows for a solid strike.

Prepare for the Golf Season like a Pro

Getting ready for the golf season requires thorough physical and mental preparation. Setting clear goals, and familiarizing yourself with updated rules and equipment are the key steps to success. Additionally, practicing and analyzing aspects like grip, alignment, posture, swing mechanics, and ball position will fine-tune your skills for triumph on the course. 

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