Franchise Opportunity

Thank to remarkable progress of technology, today golf simulation has become increasingly popular and accessible, especially in regions like Canada with inclement weather or during winter months when outdoor golf courses may be closed.

Indoor golf simulators offer a unique and convenient way for golf enthusiasts to practice and play the sport in a controlled environment. These simulators typically feature advanced technology that allows players to experience the feel of playing on real golf courses while indoors.

Simulators often use high-speed cameras, sensors, and software to capture the player’s swing, analyze ball flight, and simulate the trajectory of the ball as it would occur on a real course. Simulators also provide detailed data on club speed, launch angle, spin rate, and other performance metrics, offering valuable feedback to improve the player’s skills.

In addition to practice, indoor golf simulators can also offer a range of virtual courses, allowing players to experience playing on famous or fictional courses from around the world. This variety adds an element of entertainment and excitement to the experience.

The indoor golf facility is currently, and will continue to be, one of the hottest entertainment of the future. 

Some of the factors that make the golf indoor business an attractive venture with plenty of growth opportunities: 

  • Golf’s popularity: Golf simulation is an excellent alternative to a popular sport that allows access to golfing action without the normal step backs.
  • Wide target audiences: Indoor golf simulation businesses serve beginners, professionals, and enthusiasts, as well as non-golfers who are just looking for a fun activity to do with friends or family.
  • Year-round: Unlike traditional golf courses, indoor golf simulation are immune to external weather conditions, which helps guarantee a consistent flow of income. Since players can enjoy the game at any time they wish, the customer footfall is also high.
  • Course variety: Golf simulators allow players to virtually experience multiple worldwide famous golf courses, which can draw in a wide range of clients and increase the company’s earnings. 
  • Space efficiency: Indoor golf simulator businesses can maximize the cost-to-earning ratio by operating in a relatively smaller space and serving several customers throughout the day.
  • Cost saving: Unlike traditional outdoor golf courses, indoor golf businesses can cut back some of the operating expenses like routine maintenance or mowing

SGreenGolf is a rapidly growing indoor golf franchise, named in honor of mixing our beloved GREEN field with the big SCREEN for indoor GOLF experience.

Since its opening in 2022, SGreenGolf has become a beloved practice place for local golfers. Our franchise stands out from the rest by offering our customers 24/7 access to premium golf experience at a competitive price. 

Thanks to our fully automated systems, we manage to keep our price point fairly affordable by minimizing human resources and simplifying the maintenance process. Our proven, easy-to-operate business model allows every SGreenGolf facility to run 24/7/365 without needing much involvement.

For the most realistic golf experiences, we implement the state-of-the-art golf simulator with the latest indoor golf technology, including:

  • The cutting-edge simulator system, IMPACTVISION, which was researched and developed over 20 years. The system features deep data analysis which can significantly improve skill and game performance.
  • The automatic tee-up system to speed up ball throughput.
  • The moving swing plates that can adjust the playing surface to give a realistic feel.

These sustainable competitive advances allow SGreenGolf to quickly expand our indoor golf facility to a second location after a single year in business.

Our plan to expand our facilities across Ontario is well underway. We aim to scale across Canada, then penetrate new markets and grow to be a global brand.

Take advantage of our tried-and-true indoor golf franchise business concept that is built for sustainable growth to generate recurring income with the game you love.

Turnkey business

Spare yourself from the strain and difficulties involved in starting a business with our turnkey business model. SGreenGolf can offer a full franchise package that includes everything you need to start operating your business straight away.

Custom-designed training program

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a first-time business owner, SGreenGolf customize our franchise training program to any level of business experience. 

No experience managing a business at all? Rest assured we can educate and advise you on all the business aspects of running the franchise, including service training, marketing, customer support, build-outs, materials, and more.

Increased spending power 

Our standard of “providing high-quality service at an affordable price” ensures players’ strong loyalty and consistent revenue. This also helps increase SGreenGolf customers’ spending power by combining a variety of income streams, such as gift cards, leagues, gift cards, and recurring subscriptions besides round-the-clock access.

Fully automated/self-operate business model

SGreenGolf modern concept not only allows the business to run by itself with high quality & consistent processes, but also offers customers a positive golfing experience. With this business model, you can generate passive income without disrupting your main work.

Franchise Opportunity

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