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Improve your game with lessons from PGA experts

Become the best version of yourself with training from PGA-certified coaches & support from advanced golf simulators 

Accelerate your improvement

Get better much faster with a combination of comfortable settings, visual aids, analysis systems, and hands-on lesson approaches from seasoned coaches. 

Our team of PGA instructors has worked successfully with students of all ages and ability levels.

Whether you’re a beginner hoping to step into the game, or a player trying to sharpen your skills, SGreenGolf’s enjoyable settings & skillful instructors can support you in reaching your goals.

With our hi-tech shot tracing and analyzing program, coaches can examine every aspect of your swing and offer guidance to enhance your performance.

With our 2 or 3-channel camera included in SGreenBay, you can instantly record your swing in real time and view it frame by frame from numerous angles.

Our instructors can provide more constructive feedback on EVERY element of your swing (alignment, club angle, swing path, etc.) by using the best golf instruction technology available.

SGreenGolf provides both private and group instruction on our cutting-edge simulators with qualified golf professionals.

Day or night, rain or shine, winter or summer, it’s always clear skies at SGreenGolf. With our simulators, you can train with your instructor anytime on various international courses.

PGA-certified Coaches

Are you a certified golf instructor?

PGA professionals are invited to use our facilities to play or coach your students. Get in touch with SGreenGolf to find out more.