Indoor Golf Facility in Etobicoke

Indoor golf Sgreengolf 2


  • Bay 201 - Superb (R&L). $29/hour
  • Bay 202 - Standard (R only). $18/hour
  • Bay 203 - Premium (R&L). $21/hour
  • Bay 204 - Premium (R&L). $21/hour
  • Bay 205 - Premium (R&L). $21/hour
  • Bay 206 - Superb (R only). $29/hour
  • Bay 207 - Superb (R&L). $29/hour

(all rates before tax)

Our Standard Bay is equipted with auto Tee-up machine; high speed dual sensor; large screen; bright laser projector

Our Premium Bay is equipted as same as Standard Bay, plus 2 channel (front and side) swing camera; and featured with AI coaching.

Our Superb Bay is equipted as same as Premium Bay, with 3 channel (front, side and over head) swing camera; AI coaching; bunker and rough mat; and most advanced moving swing plate.