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Is It Worth Rolling Golf Ball or Not?

December 19, 2022 admin 0 Comments

There are so many discussions about different golf rules. Right now, we will focus on this one – rolling the golf ball. Players have different opinions about this rule, creating discussions again and again. It could be unimportant if it’s a friendly play with your colleagues. However, when it comes to a professional tournament, things change completely. Despite the adjustment in our club, this golf rule still needs to be clarified to avoid misunderstandings and complicated situations. So, is it good or not to roll a ball?

Is Ball Roll A Strict Rule?

The committee clarifies the set of rules, so they can decide whether it’s allowed to roll the ball or not. For example, our golf courses are played with winter rules until the middle of June. We use such statements because we need time to get in shape without extensive damage when we awake from a long winter nap. However, as we said, every committee decides whether to add a ball roll to the set of rules or not. If you are the one who affects such decisions, consider all aspects of the golf play in your area.

Setting Personal Rules

Regarding friendly matches, especially one-on-one, people usually set rules separately from committees located in their area. I stick to winter rules when I play friendly games, trying to roll the ball carefully. Sometimes the ball could roll yards from the original position, which may cause trouble in the following steps. However, I try my best to make a clear roll without changing the ball’s course. It’s crucial because the better the ball roll I perform, the better result I will achieve in the following steps. If your victory depends on one successful roll, consider doing it carefully.

Can We Play Without The Ball Rolling?

Almost every amateur or weekend game has a ball rolling in it. Players use it to improve their position over competitors and get more enjoyment out of the game of golf by trying new tricks. It becomes natural, especially when people play winter rules. These rules are set to improve personal skills, forcing people to have better shooting techniques. Moreover, it’s an individual game where you can rate yourself and decide what needs improvement. Over time, people gain experience and find new ways of dealing with typical situations. For example, if you use one strategy for a year straight, you probably understand what should be changed and what could remain constant.

When You Can Not Roll The Ball

Even if you decide to roll the ball, you may remember the rules that can’t be broken. There are situations where players can’t not only roll the ball but even touch it. For example, it’s impossible if the area is semi-submerged in the water or if it’s any waste area. Another common situation is when you stand against a tree, on the root, or in the pine straw near a group of trees. However, there is a way out of this situation. Standing on the man-made structure, you have a two-length free drop.

My Personal Golf Experience

When it comes to a specific rule, I always prefer to rely on personal player’s experience. Playing golf for several years gave me an understanding of when rolling the ball could be to your advantage and when it could ruin the whole complexion of the game. However, sometimes it’s just about personal choice. If you understand that the roll will help you to win the set, you can easily use this trick, even without profound benefits. Do you use the rolling trick while playing a match?

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